cconf - Easy Configuration for Clojure Apps


cconf is a dead-easy library for loading configuration data into your Clojure app. It loads options in from the command-line, environment variables, and JSON files, in the preference order your specify.


Because configuration shouldn’t be difficult.


(require '[cconf.core :as cconf])

;; The different modules are entirely independent, and each
;; one is optional. So if you only want to load arguments
;; from the CLI you only need to include argv. I've included
;; all of them here for completeness.
;; Preference is given to
;; sources listed first, so if two different sources share
;; the same key, whichever is listed first will be used.
(def settings (-> (cconf/argv)                  ;; Load from CLI
                  (cconf/env)                   ;; Then from env
                  (cconf/file "config.json")    ;; Then from file
                  (cconf/defaults {:port 80}))) ;; Fill in defaults

;; At this point settings is a map,
;; so we can get our config there.
(:host settings)
(:port settings)

You should check out the github repo. For the full documentation.